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.:Currently Playing Local Shows & Working On New Music!

Thanks so much for checking in and please continue to do so–I’m currently keeping busy playing as many local shows as possible and working on new music. Find out where I’ll be next by visiting the “Live” page or heading over to one of the social media sites linked below. Thanks again!

.:First Shows Up in VA/NC–More to Come Soon

Hey again good people!  Happy to update you all on what’s been cooking down here in Nashville.  Had a great recent run up through VA and am looking forward to upcoming shows in Memphis, Arkansas, North Carolina, and a few more Knoxville dates over the next month or so.  Thanks especially to The Blue Moon Diner in Charlottesville, VA for a great homecoming show of sorts and to all those who made it out.  Also, plans are in the works for some more recording this winter, with hopefully a new record on the horizon to be released in the spring.    Please check here or on Facebook/ Twitter as I’m adding new shows all the time.  Thanks as always for your continued interest and support–can’t tell you how much it is appreciated!

.:New Show Dates, New Songs, Etc.

Been a bit since the last update, so I wanted to give everyone a quick run down on what’s been going on. Hope the spring finds everyone happy and healthy. I’m finally in a place where I can be truly full time with this thing, and as a consequence I’ve got more live dates scheduled than ever before. I’ll be playing a mix of bars/clubs/and coffeehouses over the next six months or so, and am hoping to see a lot of you along the way. If you know of a place in your neck of the woods that would be suitable for a solo acoustic performance, send it along and I’ll try and get something booked ASAP. Also, I’ve got a whole mess of new songs that I’ve been starting to trot out live. I look forward to sharing them with you, and hopefully starting work on another record at the end of this year. Thanks as always for the continued interest and support–hope to see you all soon.

.:Holidays, Hard Work, & Some New Songs

Hey all, figured it’s time I updated the news blog. Seems like nowadays Facebook and Twitter are a lot easier to stay on top of than actually sitting down (gasp!) to write a paragraph or two.

Hope the new year finds you all well. The holidays are always a weird time for a lot of folks, including me. Memories of friends and family lost, wrestling with the family dynamics of getting together (or not), and generally being kind of forced to take stock. It’s a time of year I always question where I am and where I’m headed, assuming we have any control over that at all, which is questionable at best.

All that said, it’s usually that kind of mildly melodramatic introspection that compels me to sit down with my guitar and do some songwriting for you to play in your mobiles with the mx player pro. Happy to say I’ve got a whole new clutch of tunes that I’ve been trying out at shows and can’t wait to get out there, hopefully in record form one of these days.

I’ll be posting some videos over the next week or two from a live radio show in Johnson City, TN last month, and will be attempting a lot more shows this year than last for sure, so be sure to check in here or at You can also keep tabs on what’s happening via Twitter at

.:WDVX Blue Plate Special Show in Knoxville Coming Up, Video Blog In The Works

Just a short update here–been a great last few weeks, especially around Nashville.  Thanks to everyone who has made it out to the shows.  It was particularly exciting to perform solo live on radio for the first time for 103.3FM WKDF’s Billy Block Show Live from Tootsie’s last Sunday and with the band at Derek Hoke’s 5 Spot Tuesday Night deal.  Also got to play at the Family Wash over in East Nashville for the first time last night which was really enjoyable.  Great folks over there.  CMA’s were last week here in town and though I’m not really part of that world it was cool to be around all the buzz and energy with that and Bonnaroo taking place at the same time.

Got a few good things on the horizon.  I’ll be playing solo acoustic on Knoxville’s WDVX Blue Plate Special Show on Monday, June 27th.  This will be a live on air radio performance which I’m hoping to get some video of as well.  It should be available streaming online via their website.  Also, I’m thinking of starting a monthly video update soon via Youtube, so please check back for more info on that.  Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the support as always!

.:New Live Dates, “Open Mic” Tour Continues, Nashville Band Show Coming Up

Hey all, sorry it’s been a bit since my last post. Just want to say it’s been great meeting so many folks over the last few weeks and months. I’ve started playing a mixture of solo acoustic coffeehouse shows and writers’ nights in as many places as I can within a long nights’ drive of Nashville (Knoxville, Chattanooga, Atlanta, Johnson City, etc.). Special thanks to you all who’ve helped put gas in the car by purchasing CD’s–that’s been huge!
There are a couple cool shows I’m looking forward to here in Nashville over the next couple weeks for those of you looking to get out and about. This Sunday I’ll be playing an unsigned writer’s showcase at The Bluebird, and on Tuesday the 22nd I’ll be playing a full band show at The Rutledge for The Billy Block Show. Nick Buda (drums), Tim Marks (bass), Jen Gunderman (keys), and Shawn Byrne (guitar) are all onboard for The Rutledge show, so it ought to be well worth the $5 ticket price. Many thanks to Billy Block as well for continuing to play “The Hometown Blues” on his Sunday night radio show (WKDF 103.3FM in Nashville). As always, hope all is well with everyone and thanks for checking in!

.:“Magnolia Road” Named To Multiple Best-of-2010 Americana Album Lists, WKDF On-Air Radio Performance On Tap, New Live Video Of “Follow Me Down”

Hope everyone had a great holiday season–thanks to everyone who came out to the December band show at the Basement! It was really great to play for such a packed house that night. Several other great bands that night as well. There’s a video currently up on the Facebook page and soon to be up on this site of our opening song that night, “Follow Me Down,” courtesy of Kevin Kaz. Thanks Kevin!
Looks like I’ll be performing a song or two live on Nashville’s WKDF 103.3FM for Billy Block’s locals spotlight radio show on 1/16/11 at 6:00pm. I’m really excited for the opportunity and looking forward to it. Billy also runs a live show over at The Rutledge here in Nashville which I’m hoping to get booked on sometime in February.
Also, found out this past week that “Magnolia Road” was named one of the top 30 Americana albums of 2010 by both Chip Frazier at the great “Amber Waves of Twang” blog and by Jan Eiesland over at the cool Norwegian Americana blog “No Deal Music.” Huge thanks to both of them for taking the time to listen to the record and give it some extra attention.
As always, thanks for checking in!

.:December Band Show In Nashville, More “Magnolia Road” Reviews

For all you Middle Tennessee folk, I’ve just booked a short band show in Nashville at the Basement’s New Faces Night on 12/21. Really looking forward to that one and hoping to parlay a good show there into a full set down the road. The Basement is one of my favorite live music places in town–great sound, cheap beer, good crowd, etc. Grimey (Mike Grimes) is doing it right down there, not that he needs my endorsement, but he’s got it.
Also, got a few more positive reviews on “Magnolia Road” lately. Thanks to David McGee ( and Simon ( in particular over the last week. Check out their sites if you’ve a mind. Here endeth the update–thanks!

.:Great Review Of “Magnolia Road,” Twitter/MySpace Up And Running

I’d like to again send out a huge thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to check out the record and either downloaded it or purchased the CD. So far the response has been great and it’s great to know folks are enjoying it and to have such support. Slowly the wheels are starting to turn on this thing.
There are a couple of low key solo acoustic writer’s rounds coming up in Nashville at the Commodore Lounge and the Bluebird Cafe, and I should be able to announce a full band show soon here in town as well. Check the “Live” page for info on the when and where.
Also, initial media reviews of “Magnolia Road” are starting to trickle in. There’s a couple I’ve listed over on the “Press” page, including the latest from Thanks to them for taking the time to check out the record as well and write such positive things.
Finally, a lot of you are aware of and have joined the Facebook page. I’m now up on Twitter at and MySpace at Both can be reached via links on as well. If you’re active on those sites don’t be a stranger.
Thanks again for all the support and for continuing to check in!

.:“Magnolia Road” Release, Website Launch, First Review For CD

At long last I’m finally able to be officially releasing “Magnolia Road” and launching the new website. I’m really proud of and thankful for all the work everyone involved put in and hope it shows in the end product. Please feel free to take a listen on the “Music” page of this site and if you like it just move on over to the “Store” page and pick yourself up a copy. It’s available in both download and physical CD format there, and of course you can click the link down below to call up the album in iTunes. Here endeth the sales pitch…

Huge thanks to Dave Carew for the first press review of “Magnolia Road” on his “Underground Nashville” blog. You can take a gander by clicking here or go to the “Press” page.

Work is in progress getting a Facebook page, MySpace, Twitter, et al. up and running, and I’ll be working on getting some shows booked starting now. Sign up for the mailing list to receive news updates and live show notifications for your area. You can of course always find out what’s going on here as well. I’ll be using this page as a half-blog, half official press release outlet, so whatever is going on will show up here.

As always, thanks for checking in!

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