Pat Anderson

.:Bullitt County Cage

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Blacktop in a haze, out on the interstate
Jeremiah Slade, he’s working but he don’t get paid
Kentucky sun in a blaze, deputy with a loaded .38
And at the end of the day, they’ll take him back to Bullitt County cage

Married young, nineteen, four kids, a lot of mouths to feed
Ran a crushing machine, local limestone company
Double shifts every week, started smoking methamphetamine
Ran aground of the Sheriff charged with keeping Bullitt County clean

It began with a little hit
Every now and then a bit
To ease his worried mind
Then he got around to cookin’ up
His backwoods pick-me-up
In the Bullitt County pines
The sherriff come around
For to shut him down
He made a run out 65
But they caught him just shy
Of the south Bullitt County line

Yeah, they threw him in a group cell
County court in Shepherdsville
Called his wife on the phone
Her momma said “He’s no good
Take the kids and I would
Leave your Bullitt County home”
Just a first time offense
But the public defender
Wasn’t worth but half a damn
One hell of a jam
For a broken Bullitt County man

Now the assistant D.A. said “Boy we gotta make you pay
We’re puttin’ on a display for the Feds at the DEA”
Come his judgment day, led him out in chains, front page
Went and locked him away three to five in Bullitt County cage

2010 All songs written and published by Pat Anderson unless otherwise noted.

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