Pat Anderson

.:Follow Me Down

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Should the night sky burn red like the devil’s own angels a-raising Cain
And the storm clouds come creeping, the talk around town turn mighty strained
Baby come what may, by my side, won’t you stay

Should our love light grow dimmer, flicker like fire in a hurricane
And your friends say we’ll never, weather this storm and keep the flame
Let’s ride it out and pray, not fade away

I need to know, tell me darling
In the darkened midnight hour, yeah
When all around are voices calling
Urging you up to higher ground, whoa
Say you’ll follow me down

God knows we’ve bled and we’ve bartered, to build the life you want it don’t come free
So come hell or high water, I’ll be damned if we’ll just pack it up and leave
Woman you and me, we ain’t refugees

2010 All songs written and published by Pat Anderson unless otherwise noted.

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