Pat Anderson

.:Let It Rain

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Praise be to the Lord
But goddamn the heat these days, getting harder to ignore
The atmosphere’s heavier than gold
Pressure’s building higher, there’s a fire in the hole

It’s ninety-nine degrees in the shade
It’s high time this weather broke for a change

Let it rain, let it pour
For forty days and forty more
Board your windows, lock your doors
We need no sunshine anymore
On my knees I pray it won’t be long
We’re overdue for a hundred-odd-year storm
I say bring it on

I seen a stray dog on an asphalt road
Dragging his feet, hung his head so low
I heard a newsman on the radio
Sounds like that old stray hound ain’t the only thirsty soul around

In this time of trouble, toil, and strain
To the sky I look and say again

2010 All songs written and published by Pat Anderson unless otherwise noted.

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