Pat Anderson

.:Six Spent Shells

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I’ve been walking this street, since half past three
I’ve been draggin’ my feet over cracked concrete
I come from down Shaw’s Valley, that’s were my baby stays
Pretty girl, name of Sally, I shot her dead today

Yeah, I caught her making love with my best friend
Six spent shells and away I ran
Clear on through this fallout zone
Yeah I’m bound to roam…

I walk on
I walk on, yeah…

I’ve been biding my time, weed and muscadine
I got a .45, and a desperate mind
I oughtta take to the road, light out for Mexico
I oughtta pray to the Lord, for what’s left of my soul

You know I came into town for I don’t know why
You don’t see straight through bloodshot eyes
Loved that woman, love’s dead and gone
By my hand alone…

Now, there’s a roadblock set, I can see ‘em up ahead
Seven rifles aiming dead, ready to fill me full of lead

Ain’t no jailhouse gonna hold me now
I’ve made my bed now I lay me down
The man says stop, but I pull my gun
Satan’s kingdom come…

2010 All songs written and published by Pat Anderson unless otherwise noted.

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