Pat Anderson

.:The Hometown Blues

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Broke down, back for the night in my hometown
When I was younger I was outbound
I never thought of hanging ‘round
No doubt, at seventeen you think you know, now
Man, it’s enough to burn your heart out
Remember driving down a state route
Feeling low, I’d turn up the radio
Hell bent for leather, had nothing better to do
Riding out the hometown blues

Bright eyed, still wide awake, it’s after midnight
Some local diner’s open, so I
Quick take a look and step inside
A buck-nine, bad cup of coffee but a short line
Try calling up some old friends of mine,
Start reminiscing on the time

And where did it go, what happened to so-and-so
Hard luck stories, high school glories we knew
Talking ‘bout the hometown blues

And the way I’m feeling tonight, I’m reeling
Can’t help but thinking it’s true
Doesn’t matter where you run to
They’re always waiting for you
The hometown blues, oh yeah

Come the morning when I’m back on the road
I’ll turn up the radio
Hand on the mirror, holding on to the view
It’s funny how the hometown blues
They’re always with you, too

2010 All songs written and published by Pat Anderson unless otherwise noted.

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