Pat Anderson

.:Too Far Gone

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Midsummer night, Appalachian air
Satellites shooting through the stars alight up there
And Bobby he don’t care
Maggie left Bobby last Saturday night
Said she ain’t cut out to be his loving, loving wife
The boy liked to die

And we’ve all told him, man, life goes on
But everybody knows the nights are long

When you’re too far gone
Ain’t no right when love goes wrong
Hold on
You damn the darkness, curse the break of dawn
When you’re too far gone

Maggie used to hang around the pharmacy
Reading romance novels and magazines
Fantasy was her reality
Bobby’s just a small town boy you see
Never really wanted to live all that much differently
Raise a family

And Maggie says she sorry that she left him all alone
But everybody knows you can’t go home

When you’re too far gone
Ain’t no right when love goes wrong
So long
You gather up your things, get moving on
When you’re too far gone

Well now Maggie’s headed west
Bound for big skies and beyond
Bobby’s dodging memories that belong
To a love once strong
Now it’s too far gone

2010 All songs written and published by Pat Anderson unless otherwise noted.

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