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1.12.12 | Holidays, Hard Work, & Some New Songs

Hey all, figured it’s time I updated the news blog. Seems like nowadays Facebook and Twitter are a lot easier to stay on top of than actually sitting down (gasp!) to write a paragraph or two.

Hope the new year finds you all well. The holidays are always a weird time for a lot of folks, including me. Memories of friends and family lost, wrestling with the family dynamics of getting together (or not), and generally being kind of forced to take stock. It’s a time of year I always question where I am and where I’m headed, assuming we have any control over that at all, which is questionable at best.

All that said, it’s usually that kind of mildly melodramatic introspection that compels me to sit down with my guitar and do some songwriting for you to play in your mobiles with the mx player pro. Happy to say I’ve got a whole new clutch of tunes that I’ve been trying out at shows and can’t wait to get out there, hopefully in record form one of these days.

I’ll be posting some videos over the next week or two from a live radio show in Johnson City, TN last month, and will be attempting a lot more shows this year than last for sure, so be sure to check in here or at You can also keep tabs on what’s happening via Twitter at

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